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A gingivectomy is usually performed when a patient has severe periodontal disease that cannot be cured with scaling, root planing, or other periodontal procedures. Gingivectomies are performed to remove and reshape loose, diseased gum tissue and to reduce the depth of pockets between the teeth and gums. Dr. Ancy Verdier, Dr. Mariam Khan, and Dr. Jennifer Chang Sullivan may recommend the gingivectomy procedure in our Concord or Lexington, MA, dental offices for patients with gum disease.

Gingivectomy in Lexington, MA

Gingivectomy in Lexington, MA

Before the procedure begins, the area will be completely numbed using a local anesthetic. Small incisions are then made, and excess gum tissue is carefully removed. After we remove the diseased tissue, we place a putty-like substance over the gums. This substance is designed to protect your gums as they heal.


After the procedure, eating only soft foods and drinking only cool or slightly warm liquids while the putty is in place and your gums are healing is essential. It is important to keep the mouth clean after the procedure. While it is important not to brush in the area where the procedure was performed, it may be possible to brush and floss the rest of the mouth. After a few weeks, the gums will be completely healed, and it will be possible to resume brushing and flossing, though this should be done gently at first.

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