Osseous SurgeryConcord & Lexington, MA

Osseous or flap surgery is usually performed when a pocket around a tooth (or teeth) has not responded to other treatments. The procedure creates a clean environment around the tooth so that the tooth can be retained rather than lost.

Osseous surgery is generally tried only after other treatments have been explored and tried and is usually performed when the pocket depth has worsened over time. Osseous surgery is one of the dental surgical procedures our office provides to the public in Lexington and Concord, MA.

Osseous Surgery in Lexington MA

Osseous Surgery in Concord & Lexington, MA

Performing osseous surgery in our Concord or Lexington, MA office can preserve the natural tooth structure. Before beginning the procedure, the area will be numbed using local anesthesia. An incision is made in the gum tissue around the area that will be treated.

The gum is then lifted away from the tooth and the underlying bone so that there is direct access to the area. The surface of the tooth is then thoroughly cleaned of any plaque buildup.

Next, the surface of the bone will be smoothed. Bacteria trapped in the pocket around the tooth will eat away at the bone, making it uneven and rough. To ensure proper healing, smoothing the bone of these rough surfaces is necessary.

After we clean the tooth root and smooth the bone, we trim the gum tissue to match the new underlying structure and stitch it into place. The stitches are placed to hold the gum tissue in the correct position as it heals.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, we may prescribe you with pain medication. Stitches will be removed in 6-10 days unless we use dissolving stitches. You may also schedule an appointment about a month after surgery so we can check on the area’s healing.

Because some gum tissue is trimmed during the procedure, the tooth may appear longer in the mouth. This may cause increased sensitivity to hot or cold.

Receive Comfortable Care

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